In 2010, the Foundation opened the doors of MCF Academy, a tuition-free boarding school for vulnerable and “at risk” children. The MCF Academy was the first of its kind in Liberia. The Academy’s mission is to provide quality primary, secondary education and life skills to disadvantaged children in an environment that is conducive to learning. At the Academy, students receive their very own beds, medical attention when needed and three meals a day consisting of healthy, locally-grown ingredients. The model worked.

Currently, the Academy is operating virtually, but we expect to resume in-person learning as soon as circumstances allow.

We take great pride in the success of our academy students and their admission into universities across Liberia. At the academy, we are developing future leaders who take pride in themselves and their country.

To support the work of the MCF Academy, please click on the Donate button or email us at

Vocational and Career Education Program

Our Vocational and Career Education Program was established to provide basic skills training and career education to the young adults who have passed the normal school age. This training allows them to obtain a skill at the hopes of helping them become employable or to start a small business to help sustain them and their family.
The objective of this vocational training is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the young people across Liberia.

The Courses include

  1. Home Art Department Certificate Program (3-6 month): Catering, Cosmetology (Hair Dressing), Tailoring, Soap making, Tie and dye, Basic Interior and Exterior Decoration.
  2. Technical Department Certificate Program (3-6 month): Driving, Auto mechanic, Carpentry, Mason, Painting, Graphic arts, Plumbing, Electricity/Electronic Repair, and Agricultural/gardening.

CHAMPIONS OF EDUCATION –  Support a Student Scholarship

The decade of civil war left 42% of young people out of school. Literacy in Liberia is at 57% and out of 2.2 million children, 1.5 million of them are not in school. Many children cannot read at secondary level and only 20% of children enrolled in primary school complete secondary school due to economic hardship and lack of financial support. Out of 100,000 college students, 40,000 drop out of school annually.

Based upon these circumstances, that we created a tuition free boarding school for vulnerable and at risk children in Liberia.

In 2006, we created the MCF Student Scholarship Program to help vulnerable and “at risk” children obtain an education. Today, we are proud to see those children go from the streets into primary, secondary school to becoming high school graduates and enrolling into colleges and universities. THAT IS OUR MISSION.

We are inviting you to join the MCF educational revolution. For just $300 per year, you can provide a full academic scholarship and 1 meal a day for a child.


The SHE’S THE WAY SUMMIT (STW) was launched in 2012 at Columbia University in New York in response to the growing need for mentorship for young women of African descent. The STW is dedicated to bridging the gap between vulnerable young women who are trying to find their path and influential female mentors who are leading the way.

STW hosts an annual summit that brings together mentors and mentees for a day of inspiration and empowerment.

Our goal for creating this event is to foster an understanding of life’s blueprint through moral courage, embracing internal beauty, finding values in tradition, and creating a path towards global sisterhood.

The next STW Summit is scheduled for March 4, 2022 in New York City.  Please contact us if you would like to be a part of the next STW Summit.

The Youth Volunteer Club of Africa (YVCA)

The YVCA was established October 2013 to promote the culture of volunteerism amongst the youth. Young men are encouraged to serve as volunteers on various community base development projects, clean up campaigns, meal service for the homeless, recycling and beach clean up, tutoring service. etc.

The YVCA also hosts a Saturday social generally around career development – during this event, the YVCA team invites various speakers to motive the members and attendees, providing food and snacks.

Over the years, the club membership have grown from just 5 founding members to about 150 members today.

To support the Young Men’s initiative – – please contact our office at

The Game Changers

The “Game Changers” is an anti-rape organization started by young girls who want to challenge the growing culture of rape in Liberia. Sexual Violence Against Women and Children is on the rise in Liberia and, unfortunately, the government and local authorities, including the courts, do not have the adequate resources to handle growing cases. Perpetrators are still in the communities and victims do not have support and the recent Covid’19 Global Pandemic made matters even worse. As the government restricted movement and put the country on lock down, the number of rape cases and sexual violence against women and children sky rocketed. Babies as young as 3 months old were being sexually abused.

The GAME CHANGERS bring together activists experts, policy-makers, victims and support specialists, corporate executives, philanthropists, community leaders, local celebrities, diplomats, politicians, lawmakers and other high level, or upper echelon of the Monrovian society, with the aim of scaling up actions to combat sexual violence against women and children in Mama Liberia.

The fight to stop Sexual Violence against Women and Children in Liberia will require the participation and action of all stackholders.

Join us at the GAME CHANGER, Let’s stand up against the culture of rape and sexual violence. Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Micro Finance Loan

MCF invested 1.5 million (equivalent to $10,000 USD) into the Women’s Economic Club commonly known as the Village Savings & Loan. Our team focuses on women who are low-to-moderate income earners.

Most of our entrepreneurs are women, disabled and abled, with special challenges that reduce their ability to access traditional bank credit and other services. Women are generally looking for small start up funds to run their fruit and vegetable out door market/ business. They have no employees other than themself. Women need small start ups, as low as LD 5,000-LD 100,000, in loan capital and do not have access to the conventional commercial banking sector. We provide a small amounts of credit to support the development or start-up of a small businesses.

We recognize that women, although they are financially limited, are determined, talented, creative and hardworking. They want to build a better life for themselves and their families.

To join this effort, please click on the DONATE button and you can support a woman owned business with as little at $30 USD.

Senior citizens Feeding & Assistance Program

With the current economic hardship in Liberia, thousands of our citizens go to bed hungry without food and access to basic social services ultimately leading to the demise of many of our senior citizens. MCF donates rice and other food items to senior citizens and other underprivileged groups with some financial assistance regulary.

What we need: Un-perishable Food Items, Rice, Canned Goods, etc.

To join this effort, please click on the DONATE button and give just $2 per day to feed an elderly person.

The MCF Medical Assistance Program

Liberia faces widespread multi-health problems with 77% of essential drugs out of stock at its health facilities. There is shortage of healthcare professionals that is leading to thousands of untimely deaths. With these challenges, MCF continues to support our women and children by providing access to basic healthcare.

In order to continue this effort, we have partnered with local community clinics, healthcare providers and centers.

What we need: over counter drugs, medical teams to provide dental check ups and physicals.

To support MCF’s effort, please contact us.